Supporting action - facilitating connection

thought on a thread

a mindfulness project offering support to communities in South Africa affected by HIV/Aids


thought on a thread has been set up to:

  1. facilitate connection between those who have HIV/Aids and those who want to offer their support
  2. share simple mindfulness practices with people with HIV/Aids and those offering their support
  3. send funds to community support HIV/Aids projects like Woza Moya

When you donate money to thought on a thread, we will send you a simple black cotton bracelet. Identical bracelets are now being worn by people living with HIV/Aids and by people in the ‘North' of the world who want to offer their support.
The red bead on the black thread invites us all to

  • breathe and be present - here and now
  • connect with people affected by HIV/Aids and offering them our kind thoughts and good wishes


Stupa overlooking a beautiful African mountain valley

Stupa built by a Buddhist Retreat Centre overlooking a beautiful mountain valley, home to 8 Zulu communities, where funerals take place every Saturday.